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Indiana University Bloomington


Twelve (12) credit hours in approved courses, 6 credit hours of which must be outside the student�s major department. The course P573 Introduction to Scientific Computing I has been created as an introductory course for students in the program. Students entering with a background in computational science or engineering, in consultation with their advisor on the Scientific Computing Committee, may omit this course from their curriculum.

Students develop their course of study with two faculty: one from the student�s home department and the other a member of the Graduate Committee on Scientific Computing from outside the student�s home department. The proposed course of study will be submitted for approval by the Graduate Committee on Scientific Computing. If approved, a letter detailing the course of study will be signed by the director with copies given to the student and the student�s home department. Significant changes to the course of study need to undergo the same process of development and approval. Certification of completion of the minor requirements will be by the director or an appointed representative.