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Indiana University Bloomington


Courses that can be used to satisfy the Scientific Computing minor requirement include, but are not limited to, the following list:

  • A550 (Astronomy), A570 (Astronomy), A575 (Astronomy-but only when the final project is a computational one as certified by the instructor.)
  • B565 (CSCI), P573 (CSCI), B673 (CSCI), B649-Introduction to High Performance Computing (CSCI)
  • C668 (Chemistry)
  • ENGR-E599 (Intelligent Systems Engineering)
  • P410 (Physics), P609 (Physics), P610 (Physics), P700 (Physics)
  • M441 (Mathematics), M442 (Mathematics), M471 (Mathematics), M472 (Mathematics), M571 (Mathematics), M572 (Mathematics)
  • G514 (Geological Sciences), G612 (Geological Sciences), and G614 (Geological Sciences)